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International School on Spintronics and Spin-Orbitronics

Date: Decenber 16-17, 2016
Location: Audio-Visual Hall, Kyushu University Central Library, Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University
6-10-1, Hakozaki, Fukuoka, 812-8581, JAPAN


[Scope & Objectives]

Spintronics initiated by the discovery of spin-dependent transports has been considered as the core domain in the next generation of nano-electronics. In addition, microwave devices based on the fast-speed spin dynamic properties and spin manipulation using electric field are also another prospective applications. Moreover, numerous intriguing spin-related phenomena based on spin-orbit interaction have been predicted and/or demonstrated recently with various potential applications.

In this International School on Spintronics and Spin-Orbitronics, the world's top scientists in this research field provide special lectures. The aim of this school is to introduce the graduate students and young researchers to this emerging field and its application. In addition, several novel phenomena related to spins in nanostructures including theoretical prediction and preliminary experimental results will be discussed. Based on the discussions with all workshop participants not only from the field of spintronics but also from general solid state physics, we will understand the novel phenomena deeply and seek the subject for future joint research project.


Standard : 3,000 JPY
Student : 2,000 JPY
(Including social dinner)


Takashi Kimura (Kyushu University)
t-kimu[at mark]