• Nano-Spin Conversion
  • CEMS

International workshop on
nano-spin conversion science
quantum spin dynamics.

Oct 12-15, 2016, Tokyo, Japan


Booklet download
The program book and the abstract book are available here.
The printed abstract booklet will NOT be available at the workshop. Please print out and bring it to the workshop if needed.

[ Program (PDF, final ver.) ]    Oct.8 updated, 1.5MB
--- Campus map of the Univ. Tokyo (more clearly)

[ Abstract (PDF, final ver.)]    Oct.7 updated
--- Whole file : 9MB
--- Split files (1) : 2.5MB blocks
--- Split files (2) : 3.6MB blocks
--- Split files (3) : 3.3MB blocks

Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentation
Time allocation for presentations:
Foreign Speakers             35 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion
Domestic Speakers         25 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion
Following equipment will be provided:
    - Projector
    - Laser pointer
    - Microphone
Presenters are expected to bring their own laptop computer including adequate software.

Poster Presentations
    - Prepare your poster with a size less than 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width) and portrait style.
    - All posters will be displayed during four days of entire period of workshop.
    - Your poster board will be marked with the poster number. Please set your poster up in the designated place.
    - Push pins for mounting posters will be provided in the poster area.

Time Table

Click here for PDF ver.7 download   (Oct. 7 updated)

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